About us

We love our job. And we are happy to deliver great value to our customers

MetaProject is a team of more than 30 people. Passionate about what we do. Motivated to perform at our best.

Our main development office is in Odesa, Ukraine. With representative office in Seattle.

MetaProject was founded 7 years ago, and relaunched in 2018 under it’s current name. We started from 14 sq.m office and 3 employees into holding 2 floors of the building. We managed to keep our growing path during the pandemic and the war. With our very ambitious goals and vision, it was just a warm-up. More amazing things are yet to come.

Currently, we work on outstaff and outsource basis. We can build your project from scratch and deliver it to the market. We can help support and grow existing projects. And we can strengthen your team with our specialists.

And yes, we do work on our own products that are soon to be released.

We can cover all your needs in running the IT project with such main directions as


Not only nice concepts but highly conversionable designs that going to solve your business goals.


To find a smooth solution to complex request - that's what we're good at, and that's what we love.


Ensuring the smooth operation of your project with constant support and maintenance.

Why work with us?

7 Years in Software Development

Our expertise is proven by dozens of successfully launched projects.

Neat Prices and Risk-Free Agreements

Save up to 40% of costs working with us. EU and US entities are available for the contract.

Strong and Experienced Team

Our specialists are Middle and Senior level professionals with a minimum of 3 years of work experience.


Sometimes the world is changing too fast and it doesn't scare us.

Wide Expertise

We are happy to share a lot of knowledge we gained, that is relevant and useful for someone who wants to run a great IT project.

High Level of Involvement

It’s always not just another project. We really care about the project needs and delivered outcome.

We’re Trusted by Clients Around the World

Allow us to help you build your next venture

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