Engagement models

The way we work together on a project can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the client. As the project progresses, the method of collaboration may also change. For example, starting with a quote-based approach and then shifting to a retainer-based model as trust and understanding grows.

The chosen cooperation model also affects pricing, as larger teams and longer-term commitments typically result in more cost-effective hourly rates.

Project Outsourcing

We offer two pricing options, Fixed Price and Time & Material, that cater to different project needs. Trust us to deliver the best results for your project needs
Fixed Price model For projects with a set budget and limited scope for changes, we offer the Fixed Price model. This is a suitable option for small projects with strict functionality The client's budget for the entire project is approved before the start of work and remains unchanged. In this model, financial risks are carried by the vendor and a risk margin is added when preparing the fixed price estimate. This allows us to manage any unforeseen complications and deliver a successful outcome for your project.
Time & Material pricing model When the exact cost of a project is uncertain, we use the Time & Material pricing model This allows us to break down the project into smaller tasks and provide cost estimates for each one. Our project manager will work with you to prioritize tasks, determine their level of complexity, and recommend the best method of implementation.
This flexible pricing model allows us to adapt to changes and ensure a successful outcome for your project.
Model in which we take on the responsibility of implementing your project based on the specifications provided by you, and ensuring its successful delivery Our team will handle the day-to-day management and selection of individual team members, giving you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business.

Team extension

Our team includes highly skilled specialists with at least 4 years of commercial experience and higher
The Team Extension model allows you to add one or more of our specialists to your existing team. Financial relationships can be based on hourly billing (Time & Material) or a full-time monthly retainer. Hourly rates may vary depending on the project length and specialist workload. Long-term projects will have a lower rate compared to short-term projects.

Dedicated development team

This model is based on a monthly retainer pricing where the client pays a full-time monthly rate per specialist
The Dedicated Development Team model allows you to assemble a team of developers or hire specific engineering talent for your long-term projects or large internal projects. This contract is ideal when you don't have the necessary qualified staff or when the cost of hiring such talent is too high. The client manages the team while we handle the administrative management and facilitation.


Is the Time & Material model suitable for a project?
The Time & Material (T&M) model can be an excellent choice for certain types of projects, particularly those where the scope, specifications, and requirements are not fully defined at the project's outset, or are expected to change during the course of the project. Here are some reasons why you might consider the T&M model:
  1. Flexibility: The T&M model is highly flexible and allows for changes and adjustments to the project as it progresses. This can be very beneficial for projects where it's hard to define the exact scope and requirements upfront, or for projects that are expected to evolve over time.
  2. Transparency: This model provides a high level of transparency as the client is billed for the actual work done and resources used. This can include hours of work, materials used, and other project-related costs.
  3. Control: With the T&M model, clients have greater control over the project, as they can adjust the scope, shift priorities, or introduce new features at any stage of the project.
  4. Quality: Since there's no pressure to stay within a fixed cost, the focus can be on the quality of the final product, rather than cutting corners to stay within budget.

However, it's worth noting that this model also requires a higher level of trust between the client and the developer, as well as robust project management and communication to ensure that costs and timelines don't escalate beyond expectations. The T&M model may not be suitable for projects with a very tight budget and timeline, or where the requirements are clear and unlikely to change.

How can I ensure that billable hours are being spent efficiently?
Ensuring efficient use of billable hours is a valid concern, especially in Time & Material project models. Here are some strategies we use to ensure that billable hours are spent efficiently:
  1. Regular Reports and Updates: We provide regular updates and detailed reports that break down how the time is being spent. This includes what tasks are being done, who is doing them, and how long they take. You can review these reports regularly to understand where the time is being spent.
  2. Clear Communication: We maintain open lines of communication with our project manager and team lead. We discuss any concerns you have about time management and you can ask for clarification if you don't understand why certain tasks are taking as long as they are.
  3. Define Scope and Expectations: Clearly defined project scopes and expectations can help ensure that time is not wasted on unnecessary tasks. Changes to the project will be carefully considered and discussed with the development team to understand their impact on time and cost.
  4. Use of Project Management Tools: Utilization of project management tools can help track the progress of the project in real-time and ensure tasks are being completed in a timely manner. We are providing you full access to the tool our task management system and other tools we use during the work on your project.
  5. Regular Meetings: We schedule regular meetings (weekly or biweekly) to discuss project progress and any issues that might be causing delays. This will help to catch any inefficiencies early and take corrective action.
  6. Milestones: We set up project milestones to measure progress and ensure that the project is moving along at the expected pace.

We commit to deliver value for every hour billed and being transparent about our work processes.

Can you hire an additional specialist for my project if necessary?
Yes, as a software development agency, we have the ability to scale our resources to meet the specific needs of your project. If your project requires a specialist skill set that is not currently available within our team, we can hire additional specialists or leverage our network of experienced contractors.

This could include experts in a particular programming language, UI/UX designers, database experts, security specialists, or any other roles that may be necessary for the successful completion of your project.

Our goal is to ensure that your project has all the necessary resources and skills to be executed successfully and efficiently. Therefore, we're committed to providing and arranging the best talent to meet your project requirements. Please note that the cost of hiring additional specialists will be discussed and agreed upon before proceeding, to ensure transparency and alignment with your project budget.

Under what circumstances would I require a dedicated team?
A dedicated team model is a type of outsourcing in which an entire team is assigned to work exclusively on your project. Here are some instances when a dedicated team can be particularly beneficial:
  1. Long-Term Projects: If your project has a long timeline or is ongoing, a dedicated team can provide stability and consistency. They'll become highly familiar with your project, business goals, and work culture, which contributes to better efficiency and productivity.
  2. Large and Complex Projects: Larger projects or those with complex requirements often need a variety of skills and a larger team. A dedicated team can cover all the necessary skills and work together seamlessly.
  3. Flexibility and Control: If you want direct control over the project's progress and prefer to manage the team directly, a dedicated team is a good choice. They work as an extension of your in-house team, offering you maximum control and flexibility.
  4. Scalable Resources: If your project's scope is expected to fluctuate or expand over time, a dedicated team can easily scale up or down according to your needs.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: For long-term and substantial projects, having a dedicated team can be more cost-effective than hiring individual contractors or employees.
  6. IP Protection: When a project involves sensitive data or intellectual property, a dedicated team from a reputable agency can provide better security and confidentiality assurances.

It's important to note that the dedicated team model may not be suitable for every project. Smaller, short-term projects or projects with a very defined and unchanging scope might not require a dedicated team. Your software development partner can help you decide the best approach based on your project's specifics.

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