Multifunctional taxi service




To develop an ambitious taxi service.

With Emun you can:

  • Book different types of usual trip
  • Book a tour ( read about it, leave a feedback)
  • Order a courier delivery, personal driver and even medical escort

To develop the driver app with counter, online payment and different travel modes.

To develop a website with the apps functionality and extensive admin panel for the management of the service.

Convenient App for Taxi Driver

We developed 4 apps: for Driver and Courier, iOS and Android

Airport Transfer

Book a taxi to the airport. Specify your flight number and get your taxi in time even if the flight delays. Driver will meet you on arrival with a sign labeled with your name

Taxi Booking

Choose the class of vehicle, way of payment and destination. Additionally, pieces of baggage and number of people in the car

Personal Driver

Service also allows to hire a personal driver for fixed price

Finances and Payment

User can pay for trip in cash, via credit card or PayPal

Order and Payment History

User can overview all previous operations

Linking of Payment Account

User links his card safely via protected protocol


If the User likes the trip, he can tip right from the app


User can learn in advance and then book a tour in Israel

Tour Details

Each tour has general information, photographs, detailed route and its description

Tourists’ notes

User can overview other tourists feedbacks and notes. And leave his own note. It will create a special mark on the map, where User can tell about new sight. But the service management should approve it first

Other Services

Emun provides other services, which can interest the User

Courier Deliveries

User can order a courier delivery. Choose the parcel volume, add an assignment, specify the receiver's address

Postponed Delivery

User can place an order in advance, specify time and terms of delivery. Driver will come in time, and User will receive a reminder via app

Business Solution

Company provides profitable conditions for business trips organization. Partners can apply via app or website. They will get a separate app interface and own admin panel after signing of agreement

Driver App

Company has its own staff of drivers, couriers and guides, who provide the whole range of services. All of them also use developed app in their work

Getting Started

Some drivers are employed by the company, so their personal data is entered via Admin panel.

To get started, they should login using their phone number and password, received via SMS.

Working Solution

Emun Drivde is the main driver’s working tool. That’s why the app is very convenient and contains useful functionality

Search of Orders

Detailed order information includes suggested optimal route of delivery

Statistics and Earnings

A separate section contains detailed information about earnings

New job

If the User wants to become a company driver he should fill in an application and get authorisation via the app

Want to go home

Service provides a special mode,which selects orders on the driver way home at the end of the working day. It provides the best profit for Drivers

Admin Panel

Admin panel allows to manage each of many service aspects in convenient way.

Many services, applications of new drivers, clients orders are gathered in one place. At the same time the interface doesn’t look overloaded.

Superflexible tariff setting.

Display of driver’s location

Driver's Account

It's possbile to manage all of Emun's drivers from admin panel

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