An Essential ERP System for Lawyers




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Our task:

To Develop a convenient tool for attorneys and lawyers.

Web Application, iOS, and Android.


The lawyer can add cases that he is working on directly from the registrar or manually.

Relevant Information

Information regarding the case is updated everyday and the user is able to receive notifications about new hearings and judgements

Each case involves tasks for lawyers and employees of the law firm.

Advanced Search

The user can look up a case by docket number, the name of the plaintiff and/or defendant, or the name of the courthouse

Case Settings

When adding a new case, the user can assign the responsible lawyer, set permissions, and much more.

Global Search

Everything a lawyer may need for their work can be found in one place. The information is always up-to-date and data is updated every day.

The user can search not only for cases but also for information about organizations, courts, other lawyers, notaries, and much more.

Task Management

You can organize the work of the whole company or manage your tasks in close interaction with the registers.

Task List

Each user has their own list of relevant tasks with set priorities, which can be filtered.

Adding a Task

he user can add a new task manually or have the system create it automatically if the court hearing gets a new date. You can also link the task with a specific case and assign a coordinator to this task.

Task Completion and Reporting

You can change the status of a task to complete and send a report. If you wish to restore the task, you can easily do it in the archive where all completed tasks are stored.

Company Management

We created a dynamic and flexible company management system: the user can create user roles, group them according to subordination, and set up permissions. The corporate hierarchy directly affects the functionality of the application.

Dynamic Assigning of Rights

You can configure almost every setting manually.

The Structure of the Company

The application lets you view all employees, change access levels, and delete and invite new users in one convenient place.

Creating a Role

There are several pre-installed roles, but the user can edit and configure them for the needs of their particular law firm.

Сhanging of the Interface

For a user who does not have specific permissions, the interface completely changes. You can hide entire sections of the application.

Chat Within the Task or the Case

The lawyer can correspond with his mentor, clarify important questions, and exchange media files.

You can also create a group chat and discuss important aspects of the case with the whole law firm.


The users of the service get the relevant information in the shortest time.

Notification Section

All updates are stored in a separate section so the user doesn’t miss anything. Simply tap to open the corresponding case or section.

Business or Organization Monitoring

The user is aware of any legal changes concerning the organization or a particular person that interests him.

New Dates of Court Hearings and Decisions

The lawyer is the first person who gets information about new cases or the decisions made on the cases that he/she is working on.

Web Application

All features of mobile applications are available in the browser version.

Thus, we created a full-fledged ecosystem for law firm management.

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