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Our Task

To develop Android and iOS apps to track calories, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

Create and optimize a huge product database.

Personal Approach

Provide your personal data during registration, and the program will offer you the best diet with an optimal balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates

Physical Activity

The program also considers your level of physical activity to offer the best diet for you to achieve your goals

Your Weight Goal

Set your weight goal, whether you want to gain or lose weight

The Weight Loss Algorithm

During the calculation, the program takes into account around ten parameters, including gender, height, age of the user, etc.

Convenient App

Beautiful and clear design. Track your mealtimes on the main screen. Get all the required information about the product.

Select Food Items

There are three ways to select food items with just a few taps. Besides, you can select previously saved food items from “favorites”.

Product search

Predictive search will quickly find any product by name or brand.

Scan products

Just scan the product barcode.

Adding your dish

If the product is not found, or the user wants to add a unique dish.

Spore and changes

The application helps the user to track changes in weight and body measurements.

Stay tuned

Convenient process of updating information, beautiful graphs to track progress.


The user can track the change in their weight.


Base with thousands of sports activities.


The user can add photos and track their progress visually.

Interactive assistant

Shows screens, notifications and messages depending on goals and user activity. Everything to motivate the user to the most efficient use of the service.

A Huge Database

We have created and optimized a huge product database. Currently, it contains more than 1 million products, and it is constantly updated.

We also developed a special algorithm that automatically translates the names of food items into the most spoken languages.


Set reminders to enter food items throughout the day and the system will notify you according to your meal schedule.

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