CRM / ERP for an ambitious grocery and food delivery startup



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To develop iOS and Android apps for customers, couriers and warehouse workers.

To develop CRM/ERP system for managers and administrators.

An advanced online store is the basis of the service

Convenient, with high conversion, and simply beautiful


The users can save their orders as a template (to use it later in 2 clicks), use accumulated bonuses,order delivery, leave feedback, choose a convenient way of payment

The catalogue

Convenient navigation: search, filters, sorting, adding to favourites, etc

List of Orders

The orders are saved to separate section, which allows to track the status of orders, repeat one of the previous orders, or evaluate the quality of products and delivery

Cashback and Payment

For each purchase, the user gets cash back, which can be used to pay the following orders

Buy more - Pay Less

The user sees the cashback amount on the cart screen

Pay as you like

Large selection of payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit card


The user can monitor the statistics of purchases according to categories and orders, and also the statistics of accumulated bonuses


To make the work with the service more convenient, the user can use geolocation

Track the Courier

The user can track the process of delivery and the courier’s location on the map

The shops on the map

Each sale point and area of delivery are presented on the map. The admin panel gives an opportunity to set coordinates and build the route of delivery

Merged Orders

The system determines situation when several orders must be delivered to the one or adjacent addresses and merges them into one order to optimize the courier’s work


The user can leave anonymous feedback about the courier. Also, some time after delivery, the application will invite the user to evaluate the quality of the goods.

Users' feedback help to improve the quality of provided services

The Courier and the Picker

We developed separate apps for the service workers

Great work instrument

We developed a convenient app to optimize the couriers work and achieve the main service feature - quick delivery

List of orders

Most important information from active orders is visible even from the main screen


The courier can monitor his performance

Chat with the Customer

The courier can contact the customer to specify the address or other delivery details

Warehouse Worker

We developed separate app for portable data collection terminals, which the warehouse workers use. Information about products is pulled from the Database, information about new orders goes directly to the application

Service Administration

Separate admin-panels were developed for the administrator and the managers

Work with Orders

The managers can sort and filter orders, use search, change the status of orders, appoint the courier or the order picker

Loyalty System

The manager can easily adjust the cashback redeem conditions and set special bonuses , like additional discount or free delivery, for those customers who spends a lot or make orders regularly

Adding a Shop or a Warehouse

The manager can add address, types of delivery, area of delivery and working hours. Each shop can be integrated with ERP system

Customer Analytics

The system automatically unites customers into groups according to the activity of using the service. Managers can arrange a newsletter with special offers for those who have not used the service for a long time. VIP customers can be given an additional discount

Work with Personnel

Admin panel allows to add managers, couriers and order pickers, track performance of each employee and feedback he gets from the customers

Support Ticketing System

Every system user, even the customer, can send a support request and get a prompt response

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