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To develop an end-to-end turnkey solution that enables Users to order any delivery easy and quickly, on the one hand. And enables couriers to earn on delivery, on the other hand.

We developed 4 apps: 2 for each platform. Also, an easy-to-use and extensive admin panel was created for the management of the project.

Order of service

To place an order for delivery is as easy as to order a taxi

Many addresses

It is possible to build a complex route from many addresses. The system will advice the optimal route for the courier. This function is useful for the business clients of the service.

Cost Calculation

The cost of delivery is calculated “on the fly” using formula, which takes into account the type of delivery, distance and even current traffic. It is possible to set own tariffs for each city

Business Solution

B2B is important for the service, that’s why there is an opportunity for the partners of the company to work with the staff couriers. It is another part of the app with different interface.

Status of the order and tracking of the courier

Each order receives its unique number, which input allows to see the information about the order and current location of the courier on the map.

Courier Application

We developed a separate courier application. Any user, who will submit an application and will be confirmed by management, is supposed to become a courier

How to Become a courier

User submits an application, attaches photo of his documents and waits for the confirmation of registration

Convenient Authorization

Fast login with phone number and SMS confirmation

Simple Application

Convenient loading of documents on the ciphered protocol


Detailed information about completed orders and courier earning

Search for Orders

One of the main ideas of the service is to provide the fastest possible delivery. And this means that the courier can as quickly as possible find the order from the list of orders.

Detailed order

Detailed order information includes suggested optimal route of delivery


Client and Courier are able to leave a 5 star review upon accomplishment of delivery. All reviews lower than 4 stars are sent to the service managers. To avoid conflict situations all clients reviews are anonymous and published after some time

List of Orders

All orders are gathered in one feed and filtered according to courier’s settings

Parcel delivered

Courier enters a special code, which is sent to the receiver’s phone number, to confirm the fact of the delivery

Payment System

Money is accumulated on the service account and transferred to the courier after delivery confirmation

Courier links his card by the safe method. Only certified payment operator stores all data

Function “Payment by cash” is also provided by the app. In this case service commission will be withdrawn from the courier’s card upon accomplishment of delivery

Admin panel

Easy-to-use admin panel allows Management to monitor couriers orders, react for negative reviews and control the project in whole. Courier location can be watched in active order. Each Client has the history of orders. Everything is as convenient and practical as possible

Setting tariffs

Each parameter in the formula of cost calculation can be set and changed easily. It is also possible to set parameters for different regions and cities

Stress Testing and Safety

Our specialists performed testing of service work not only under standard conditions, but also a stress testing, which showed that the service is ready to load the great amount of users and the placement of more than 1000 orders per second at the same time

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