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To create an advanced web service for trips planning. With the help of Travimodo you can build a route, book a hotel, rent a car, etc

Smart Trip Planning System

Just set the beginning and the end points of the trip and the system will provide the optimal routes. You can choose the most suitable route and make your own changes - add cities and even sights. At the same time, the system will reconstruct the route to decrease expenses for fuel and time for road. The system is implemented as convenient as possible, just drag and drop the point on a map.

Book flights, hotels and rent cars

Modules from the most popular providers of services for travelers are integrated on the website. Thus, the user can plan each aspect of a trip within one service.

Explore More

The user can make a list of his interests and all information on the map will be filtered according to his wishes. For example, if you choose “places for the rest with children”, the system will display on the map along the route ( or within the set radius) all points, which match this criterion.

Beautiful and thought-over design

Travimodo is very functional web site. Besides huge opportunities for planning of the route, there are many informational pages: articles, video, reports about trips. We could implement all these screens in one style and in such way that the user can navigate on the site intuitively and quickly.

Convenient from every device

We took into account the fact that users will use Travimondo on the way: on tablet or mobile phone. That’s why each page was also adapted for small screens.

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