EPR system for management of the processes for sea logistic company

Allows to automatise logistic work, manage business processes, accounting operations, counterpaty, staff and so many more.



Vessel info

Every aspect of the vessel can be viewed and managed from one page. Lease history, previous and current contracts, owners info, payments related to this vessels and more.

Vessel Invoices

In sea logistic invoices are complex and require special approach to manage. With implemented automatisation, amounts calculated on the go based on the contract and route details, reports from the crew, cost of fuell and more. Easy to add additional services, laytime or setup other specific conditions. Previous changes are saved in history log, so user can always review and restore one of the previous calculations.

Invoice Export

Done invoice could be smoothly exported to PDF or XLS. User can setup such parameters as wether it should be coloured or b/w, with or without stamp and signature.

Calculation of lay time

Special table created where it is possible to keep records of the time spent after the ship was leased. The report records the exact time of all actions with the vessel, ports and other stops.


Special algorithm calculates most effective rout for the vessel in particular contract.

User can build a route, add details on cargo and other contract details. And the system will suggest best logistic options for the work. Considering costs of different types of fuel, law requirements for fuel and speed of different sea zones, cost of crew and other details. Completed calculations can be saved and sorted by folders. Employees can access and edit other people's files.

Vessels Database

User can conveniently find any vessel in the world in one database, and then try it for calculation before vessel is leased. As well as the information about vessel's capacity, deadweight and all other data important in this business.

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