Attendance Management

The mobile app offers a convenient way to set up a company and streamline business operations right from your phone. It allows you to track attendance using phone geolocation features, easily manage days off, and much more.
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Manage Basic HR Needs
With Ease

EasyHR handles fundamental yet crucial tasks, such as attendance management, workday timers, and the management of time-offs and leaves.

Attendance Tracking

While optional, for some businesses it's crucial to flexibly track employee tardiness and working hours. A significant advantage is that with geolocation control, business owners aren't required to invest thousands in a specialized hardware.

Leave Management

Each employee can clearly view their outstanding balances for various types of leave and can submit a request for a new one with just a few taps.

Productivity Control

Both the employee and employer can evaluate work efficiency within the prism of expended working hours and other critical metrics.

Shifts Management

Essential for many businesses, the app facilitates shift management. Employees can request a shift replacement for a colleague, a request that HR can then approve or decline, as is often the case.

Pulse of the Company

The administrator can view current absentees, new shift or day off requests -- all in one dashboard that also provides access to every other vital section for administration.

Easy for the Admins

The app is not only user-friendly for employees, but it's also simple to administer.

Company Management

The administrator can view current absentees, new shift or day off requests -- all in one dashboard that also provides access to every other vital section for administration.

Setup the Company Rules

The app grants users flexibility in setting tracking rules. In some cases, it's essential for employees to be punctual or use a time-tracker. At other times, the app can simply be used for managing days off and company events. It's easy to configure the company settings to suit specific business needs.

Specific Rules for Days Off

Companies have varied practices for days off accrual, sick day compensation, and remote work days. The system can easily be configured to match these unique requirements. We've also integrated government holidays for every country globally, although users have the flexibility to modify these at any time.

Advanced Invite System

EasyHR provides users with various methods to invite employees. These include traditional email invitations, manual addition via the interface, or through an XLS file export.

Additionally, we've devised a unique way to invite people via a special code that is available for a limited time and can have a specified limit to prevent unauthorized registrations.

Time Reporting

In one centralized location, it's easy to track everyone's work within the company. Is there an employee with remaining hours who needs to compensate for them? Or perhaps someone has logged extra hours and earned overtime that should be rewarded? All these details are available in one place.

Dynamic Subscription Model

EasyHR is free for small businesses with up to 3 employees. For larger businesses, we have implemented a dynamic cost calculation based on the number of employees, with special discounts available for annual purchases.

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