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Diet Tracker and Food scanner

Diet & Activity tracker

The ScanFood app is designed specifically for those who monitor their food intake and strive to achieve their goals. Everyone’s goal is different: some want to achieve weight loss, others, weight gain; others still wish to maintain their current body weight.

Personal Approach

Share your details at registration, and the system will tailor the ideal diet, perfectly balancing proteins, fats, and carbs just for you.

BMI Calculator

The calculation algorithm considers diverse factors like gender, age, activity level, and more to ensure accuracy.

Scan & See
All about product

With a vast database of products from around the world, users can effortlessly scan barcodes and input portion sizes.

Search by the product name

Experience the power of predictive search, swiftly locating any product by name or brand with remarkable efficiency.

Add your own product

In instances where our app can't locate your selected product, simply input its barcode once. From then on, not only will you benefit, but also fellow ScanFood users, as the saved barcode becomes accessible for everyone.

Track your fitness activity

The application helps the user to track changes in weight and body measurements.

Various graphs

Convenient process of updating information, beautiful graphs to track progress.

Measure the progress

Users can effortlessly upload photos and visually monitor their fitness journey.

Interactive assistant

Displays screens, notifications, and messages based on goals and user activity, all aimed at motivating the user for the most effective utilization of the service.

Advanced notifications

Establish alerts for inputting food items during the day, and the system will promptly remind you based on your meal schedule.


Users select a plan tailored to their requirements, choosing from an array of tariffs within the app, each offering distinct functions.

A Huge Database

We've meticulously crafted and fine-tuned an extensive product database, currently housing over 1 million items. This repository undergoes constant updates to ensure its relevance.

Moreover, we've pioneered a dedicated algorithm designed to seamlessly translate food item names into the most commonly spoken languages across the globe.

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