Baltic Dry Index

Allows you to track the Shipping and Trade Index created by London's Baltic Exchange to measure changes in the cost of transporting various raw materials such as coal and steel.

BDI Creating

Employees can fill out all Baltic Dry Index data directly from their smartphone


The filter helps to sort BDI indicators by routes and periods

A special algorithm calculates the most efficient route for a vessel in a particular context

Users can setup their work environment to support their workflows through use of customizable widgets. Each widget can be rearranged or deleted. Each department and role has a default template that can be further customized based on their day-to-day processes.

Map View

The constructed route can be viewed on the map


All files can be moved to created folders. You can also view files created by certain employees


All route data can be compared for different vessels and the optimal one can be selected


After calculations, a lot of route data is displayed


The user receives notifications about various operations in the app. In the settings you can set which types of notifications will be active

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