Manage Day-to-Day Tasks

Users are able to create and assign tasks, set priorities, tag and update statuses of tasks. There is extensive support for the filtering and sorting of tasks. Notifications and deadlines can be conveniently separated by contract or vessel or by a specific department.


A group chat allows users to discuss details of each task, send photos or documents so that everybody involved is kept up-to-date with how a particular task is progressing.

Activity Log

Records all actions performed for a particular task. Allows for the auditing and control of changes made by other users and provides a way for stakeholders to be kept up-to-date on the progress of tasks.

Recurring Tasks

Tasks can be set to recur on specific days of the week, every weekday, every month, etc - the recurrence feature is designed to be as flexible as possible.

Files Attachments and Preview

Users are able to attach files in different formats. Images, documents and pdfs can be previewed and video files can be viewed via the built-in video player. Files can be renamed and multiple files can be downloaded at once. Folder creation is supported and there is an easy drag-and-drop interface to support moving files between different folders.


Quick checklists can be added to every task to allow for easy visualization of how the task is progressing. Admins are able to edit existing checklists, or create new ones.

Freight management

A unique interface that allows users to search for better vessel options for existing cargo or vice versa - Conveniently view optimal cargo offerings for specific vessels and routes. Logistics data is available at your fingertips with an excel-like table with a built-in data parser and smart filtering.

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