Vessel info

Every aspect of a particular vessel can be viewed and managed from a single page, including lease history, previous and current contracts, ownership information, payments related to the vessel and more.

Vessel Invoices

In maritime logistics, invoices are complex and require special attention to manage, to assist with that - the invoicing system includes automation that calculates invoice amounts on the fly based on variables such as the contact, route details, crew reports, fuel costs and more. It’s easy to add additional services, laytime or set up other conditions specific to a given situation. All changes are logged and users can always review and restore a previous calculation.

Invoice Export

Completed invoices can be easily exported to PDF or XLS files. Users can setup export parameters ranging from color or grayscale print options and whether or not stamps or signatures are required.

Calculation of lay time

The system includes a lay time table where it is possible to track time spent after a particular vessel has been leased. The report contains timestamps of all actions taken by the vessel, an accounting of all port calls and other stops.

A special algorithm calculates
the most efficient route for a
vessel in a particular context

Users can setup their work environment to support their workflows through use of customizable widgets. Each widget can be rearranged or deleted. Each department and role has a default template that can be further customized based on their day-to-day processes.

Completed calculations can be saved and sorted by folders
Files can be shared between employees


Records all actions performed for a particular task. Allows for the auditing and control of changes made by other users and provides a way for stakeholders to be kept up-to-date on the progress of tasks.


Tasks can be set to recur on specific days of the week, every weekday, every month, etc - the recurrence feature is designed to be as flexible as possible.

Vessel database

Users can conveniently find any vessel in the world from a single database, and then model calculations to see if a vessel is suitable for a given workload before the vessel is leased. Information about the vessel’s capacity, deadweight and other important data points can all be found here.

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